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1. No refunds will be provided for the classes, which a student has already attended.

2. All the requests for cancellation of classes are to be mailed at

3. Request for refund by a student will be considered valid only if it’s made from the registered email id of the student.

4. A student is required to cancel classes for a subject, at least 24 hours before the upcoming class for that particular subject.

5. Upon cancellation of classes by a student, a refund request will be considered by e-Tuitions only if it’s reasonable. Upon receiving the refund request, we will look into the same and initiate the process of accepting/ rejecting the said refund request. Student will be informed of the acceptance/ rejection of the refund request via mail on their registered email id.

6. If GlobeGrades discontinues or cancels classes for a subject, then we will refund the amount paid by the student directly to their wallet. This refundable amount shall not exceed the total amount paid by the student.

7. If classes for a subject are discontinued by GlobeGrades, before the completion of the total number of classes, then the refundable amount towards the student will be calculated on the basis of remaining classes.

8. The refund amount will be credited directly to the wallet of the student. The student can use this amount to pay for any class he/she takes in future. The refunds will not be processed to the bank account (from which the payment was made by the student).