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Thermodynamics,Fluid Mechanics,Engine Technology

Subject Details

  • Thermodynamics Beginner-Expert

  • Automobile Engineering Beginner-Expert

  • Engineering Materials Intermediate-Expert

  • Manufacturing process Beginner-Expert

About Tutor

 Automotive Engineering Educator and Mentor | Technology Education Specialist | Passion for Empowering Future Automotive Professionals 

Graduated in 2014 with Second Class Upper Division in Technology Education, specializing in Automotive Engineering. Highly skilled in imparting knowledge and developing the necessary competencies in the Automotive field, resulting in outstanding performance of my trainees in their assessments.

Through my guidance and instruction, my trainees have secured top-tier positions as Technicians, Consultants, Sales Representatives, and Diagnostic Consultants in renowned companies within Kenya, such as Isuzu Motors, CMC Motors, and even ventured into starting their own successful garages. This demonstrates my ability to make a significant impact on individuals passionate about Automotive Engineering, regardless of their study medium.

Consistently trusted with additional responsibilities within my current work station due to my exceptional performance.

With the rapid technological advancements in the automotive industry, my ultimate goal is to equip aspiring Automotive Engineering professionals with the right set of skills and knowledge. By staying current with industry trends, I ensure that my trainees are well-prepared and relevant in the competitive job market.

 Let's connect and discuss how we can bring excellence to the world of Automotive Engineering together!

Samson Owiti